Autonomous international firms report that firms, on average, lose 5% of their annual income to fraudsters.Therefore, it is of utmost importance to prevent this situation which leads to the loss of enormous amounts of money, irrespective of which sector the firms operate in.

Also IT industry has created different kind of softwares against fraudsters. As the whole world, banking sector in our country struggles to smooth out this problem by using modern methods and technology.

Deeplinks Bankacılık

DeepLinks provides the solutions below, for financing sector, against fraudsters:

  • Credit card fraud analysis,
  • Analysis for Drawing down via forgery of documents,
  • Fraudulent misrepresentation analysis,
  • Document safety analysis,
  • Timeline analysis,
  • Spot analysis,
  • Transaction analysis,
  • Method analysis,
  • Exposing crime methods,
  • IP analysis,
  • Log analysis,
  • Payment analysis,
  • Account analysis.