DeepLinks provides a wide range of Consulting Service that includes third and fourt stages with demands of related sectors, also provides an effective struggle by using "Operational Analysis Project (OPAP) – Fraud Investigation System.

"Operational Analysis Project (OPAP) – Fraud Investigation System" is composed of 20 different steps. All these steps are related with others.We can give different perspectives for all of these steps. At the end of the Project that on going with conjunction of Deeplinks and Firm's staff, firm's anti-fraud and threat detection capability increases.

Deeplinks Danışmalın

  • We can convert related organisation's big data to an analitic form.
  • We can train you and your firm about IBM I2 softwares in Professional degree.
  • We can create an analitic databases.
  • Your firm can gain an analitic percpective.
  • We can give you all round analitic thinking abilitiy.