In Turkey and world, the e-commerce sector which continues to grow rapidly, in many ways, today has become one of the world's most attractive investment areas. So, in 2014, e-commerce sectors expected to reach 2.3 billion US $ . In Turkey, which was approximately 20 million US $ e-commerce volume, offers great opportunities for investors.

This fast-growing sector, it is inevitable for some problems to arise. E-commerce companies in the sector, the biggest issue is the loss of prestige and profit arising from the fraud via information systems. Companies have to use their big data to get it under control. Using analytical systems provide the opportunity of solving this problem and also will give the opportunity to see the new trends.

Deeplinks E-Ticaret

DeepLinks provides the solutions below, for e-commercesector, against fraudsters:

  • Payment analysis,
  • Order analysis,
  • Analysis of order cancellation
  • Fake order analysis based on fraudulent misrepresentation
  • Fraudulent misrepresentation
  • Regional payment analysis,
  • Transaction analysis,
  • Method analysis,
  • IP analysis
  • Log analysis,
  • Business and Process Analysis
  • Within the firm security measures
  • Company analysis.