Deeplinks Nowadays, fraud has become a threat to all society, including individuals, and firms. Everyone is a potential target of fraudsters and fiscal offence organisations. Especially, fraudsters target and try to benefit from businesses, such as the firms in financial, telecommunication, and retail sector, which have high number of clients and has the disadvantages related to being big scale.
Autonomous international firms report that firms, on average, lose 5% of their annual income to fraudsters. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to prevent this situation which leads to the loss of enormous amounts of money, irrespective of which sector the firms operate in.
With the developing technology, fraudsters started to operate in areas which use advanced technological tools. To discover, prevent, and detent these kinds of fraudulent behaviors in information systems, new information systems have been started to develop.

In general, there are four main points to fight against fraudulent behaviors:
1- Prevention/Respond
2- Detention
3- Discovery
4- Investigation

Prevention is to protect the firms' information which are constantly added to the database by discovering dubitable transactions and individuals using previously created models andprofiling. Similarly, detention is to stop the fraudulent operations by using the same tools.
The third principle is discovery which identifies dubious transactions and decides if they are fraudulent activities by using the systems built on the first two principles and all the available information in the big dataset. In this stage, unlike the first two stages, softwares which have the ability to create professional intelligence and analysis are used. These softwares discover not only the dubious transactions which are identified by the first two stages but also the fraudulent activities which are still continuing secretly or over by investigating big data on its own.
The last principle is investigation which uses the same softwares used in the third stage. The dubious transactions which are discovered in the third stage are tried to be matched with the current fraudulent activities if they are related to. And then a report is prepared against potential fraudulent activities using all data. The reports prepared in this stage are the basis for judicial inquiry.
DeepLinks provide Consulting and Operational Support services to protect their customers' and their own interests against fraudulent activities and financial crimes which may cause severe tangible and intangible losses for firms.
This service is provided by a team who contributed to the fight against organized crime for many years by using the method of Crime Intelligence Analysis on big data. In Consulting and Operational Support services, IBM I2 Intelligence software, which is one of the favorite methods around the world, and other analysis/intelligence programs are professionally used.
Deeplinks provides Crime Intelligence Analysis training for on-going projects, with the demand of multi-national international firms.