The insurance sector is very important financial sector that makes firms or individuals feel themselves secure and an important source for the country's economy. This sector also offers a variety of products which focus on customer satisfaction.

Most of the time,fraudsters use security vulnerability which trust –based business- customer relationship causes. And this is why this sector is among the priority goals of fraudsters.

Because of fraudsters' different methods, The insurance sector use IT systems, but also have some disadvantages of analyising big datas.

Deeplinks Sigortacılık

DeepLinks provides the solutions below, for insurance sector, against fraudsters:

  • Analysis for Drawing down via forgery of documents,
  • Fraudulent misrepresentation analysis,
  • Document safety analysis,
  • Timeline analysis,
  • Spot analysis,
  • Transaction analysis,
  • Method analysis,
  • Exposing crime methods,
  • IP analysis,
  • Log analysis,
  • Payment analysis,
  • Account analysis.
  • Debt analysis,
  • Business and Process Analysis
  • Effective use of human resources
  • Security control within the firm
  • Regional payment analysis
  • Time-based Motion Analysis