All around the world crime and criminality has been changed widely beside technological developments. With these changes fights against crime has been changed and –of course as a necessity- evoluate too. According to these improvements proffesional protections and preventions are taken by security units with asssistance of technological facilities.

Crime Intelligence Anlaysis (CIA) is a method using against crimes, ciriminals and criminalities for solutions, explaining the relationships between criminals and crime, scientific determinations of potential risk of crime and expressing analysed datas with international standarts. Crime Intelligence Analysis, using for against complexed, concealed, organized and long time period crimes unlike ordinary crimes, contains process of gathering, evaluating and analyzing suspicious persons, events and vehicles data.


Law enforcement units have to evaluate and make meaningful raw data for process of Crime Intelligence Analysis. This process contains collecting, improving and valuing stages. After that this valued data evaluate and analyze for Crime Intelligence Analysis reports. This process is called Crime Intelligence Anlaysis. This process;