The current time zone, is called the communication age. Today, almost every individual uses a mobile phone for communication. The number of GSM subscribers in the country as of the month of September 2015 about 73 million. Because of that, GSM sector have to analyse this big data.

The cost of fraud amounts to about 40 billion all over the world through telecommunications. All of other GSM companies in the country get their portion. Preventing that loses has become a priority for GSM companies. Therefore, both the safety of their customers and their corporate structures, GSM companies have begun to receive the service of IT and data analysis.

Deeplinks Telekomunikasyon

DeepLinks provides the solutions below, for telecommunications sector, against fraudsters:

  • Communication Security
  • Document security
  • Number analysis
  • Subscriber analysis
  • Regional analysis
  • Contact Analysis
  • Cell analysis
  • Time line analysis,
  • Spot analysis,
  • Comparative analysis
  • Identification analysis
  • Call duration analysis,etc.